DiDiNE diet

DiDiNE diet

following a diet does not necessarily mean eating salads, because after a few days we inevitably miss the right meal

with this in mind I suggest you to follow our slimming program, each healthy and delicious meal will satisfy you and day after day you will lose your extra kgs.

When you are on a diet, the most complicated thing is knowing what to cook each evening… and also having to cook for one person …. this period was not so easy for me …. As far as you are concerned your slimming program is established in advance for 31 meals.

All your slimming meals will be prepared with olive oil and rapeseed oil, a little quality butter as well as 0% fat milk

Fish and meat for your diet

macro- tuna- salmon -white fish

chicken -filet pork- ham- eggs

Your vegetables

green beans- brussels sprouts- chinese cabbage

red cabbage -white cabbage – carrot- leek- spinach-

cauliflower- broccoli -tomato -pepper- aubergine- zucchini

grenn salad -concomber -olives.

Following a slimming program also means changing your habits, for example it would be beneficial to remove sugar in coffee and tea and eat your meals earlier in the evening.

I don’t think you need to remind yourself that you will have to cut out candy, sugar, chocolate, soda and other alcohol during this period.



Practicing a little exercise every day, at your own pace, about 40 minutes will help the slimming process … Walking is excellent …. Of course, you should drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water per day.

It will be nice to have some cucumbers, tomatoes and apples in your fridge. To snack during the first days, always accompanied by a large glass of water.


It will be wise not to take a meal at midday, or else, only salads and fruit. You can also try the intermittent fasting method, which is one meal every 12 hours.

   Follow the slimming program in a good mood … You are invited to a party with friends ? ….. No problem. Notify me in advance of your absence that evening …. Have fun, nice party and eat normally. And the next day resume your diet normally … Nothing will be billed to you that day.

Our slimming program is offered to you in periods of 15 or 30 days … Payable in advance 200 baths each. If you choose the 30-day formula, a meal will be offered to you.

You don’t have to wait to start your diet. Our menu being established by period of 31 days you start when you want … To come to the restaurant to register and pay, and the next day you start your program

Meals are ready every day from 5.15 p.m. … you have the choice between eating them at the restaurant, or taking them home or even having them delivered to your home

If a menu for the next day does not suit you or is not to your taste, I can prepare a different one for you, do not hesitate to offer me what would make you more happy …. While remaining in the limit of the slimming program obviously.
If some people are intolerant or allergic to certain products or already follow a diet without salt or other, thank you for informing me in advance, I will be able to adapt.
1 day of this month
Chicken roulade
with spinach and vegetables
2 day of this month
Pork tenderloin 
Mustard sauce
and white cabbage
3 day of this month
Poached salmon fillet 
Spinach puree
4 day of this month

Sliced chicken ratatouille

5 day of this month
Bolognese lasagna with eggplant
100 % beef fillet
6 day of this month
Tuna steak and salmon steak
with white wine sauce
7day of this month
Beef tenderloin steak
and vegetables
8day of this month
Chef’s salad
tomato ham egg
gruyere chicken
green salad
9 day of this month
Mackerel fillets
with mustard sauce
and vegetables
10 day of this month
Defatted smoke white ham
11 day of this month
Sautéed chicken
with Chinese cabbage
flavored with yellow curry
12 day of this month
Tomatoes and mozzarella
with balsamic sauce
and green salad 
13 day of this month
Roast minced chicken with olives,
rosemary sauce
and vegetables
14 day of this month
Grilled salmon fillet
with basil sauce
and green salad
15 day of this month
Sautéed zucchini and chicken
with Provence herbs
16 day of this month
Omelet stuffed with ratatouille
and green salad
17 day of this month
Baked chicken thigh
with vegetable 
18 day of this month
Duck liver
with balsamic vinegar
and green salad
19 day of this month
Spinach puree
poached eggs
and smoked salmon
20 day of this month
Chinese cabbage roll
with tuna and chicken
with curry sauce
21 day of this month
White fish skewer
with mustard sauce
and leeks.
22 day of this month
Chicken steack
and mix Vegetable
23 day of this month
Stew Peppers stuffed
with chicken
and mushrooms
24 day of this month
Sliced ​​pork tenderloin
with mustard sauce
and vegetables.
25 day of this month
Poached fish
and boiled vegetables
with salad dressing
26 day of this month
Chicken pate with tuna rillettes
and  mix salad
27 day of this month
Beef tenderloin steak
and mix salad
28 day of this month
White ham steak
Mustard pot
and green vegetables
29 day of this month
Chicken breast 
tomato sauce
30 day of this month

Sliced chicken coucous style

and vegetables

31 day of this month

Duck breast

without skin